By Ibnu Khuzaimah.


Having involved myself in the last few elections, this is what I have got to say.
UMNO or BN is out of my mind. Irrelevant. I went to S46 and in the end I found the party is no better than UMNO. Then it’s the Reformasi time. I got involved wholeheartedly. At the same time I saw internal bickering. Some have gone back into UMNO den and become UMNO loudspeakers, come election. Ruslan Kassim, Lokman Adam, Dr Chandra Muzaffar, Nalla, has spoken for the ruling side for reasons best known to them.
We lost a few good prospects namely Ezam Mohamad Nor. However, Ezam is still very much in the Reformasi fold – or at least the anti BN side. Over the years, PKR has grown stronger with genuine people mending the party. However I still have some reservations myself. There are still a bundle of PKR leaders with unclear objectives. Some are burnt-out bunch that don’t really care what’s going on. Some have taken the ‘safe mode’ politics. Some don’t even reach adolescence when Reformasi was born.
Now that the political landscape of Malaysia is changed. We are on the way. However, with a coalition strongly depends on Anwar Ibrahim high charisma, can we survive the test? What will happen if Anwar is taken by Almighty tomorrow? I can bet a thousand dollar, the BR coaliation will face a tough time.
The coaliation of DAP, PAS and PKR has brought in new bred of instant leaders(say Hindraf – correct me if I’m wrong). Even PAS has one Kumutha a/p Raman an Indian lady and a lawyer representing the party in the previous General Elections. PAS openness is shown with more non Malay Muslims representing them.
In my obsersevations, more or most of these absorbed new leaders have started to understand the new political landscape of Malaysia. But not all. Still, there are some being tied to racial sentiments as in the case of Buntong Assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam of DAP. I guess this guy is not to be blamed for his racist attitude. Even Lim Kit Siang did the same days after BR wrested Perak. He apologized since.

Yes, the shouts of “Makkal Shakti” are magical. The same goes to “Reformasi” and “Takbir”. With these 3 shouts in chorus in every ceramah, Makkal Shakti is nowhere as a stand alone magic. Apart from Hindraf demos, we also have the Bersih Rally and the Judicial March prelude to the just concluded General Elections.
With the present bro-ha-ha, it looks like the BR coaliation is in a loose state. Apart from 3 main party coalitions there is MDP,(Wee Choo Keong)and PSM (Dr Nasir Hashim) in the fold. All with different ideologies.
I take PAS as an exception here. It has proven itself intact even with a single majority seat in Kelantan State Assembly in the last state government. The “tarbiah” concept introduced was an effective medicine for a stronger PAS. The party has gone through the test of times with the ‘ulama’ leadership concept.
The “PAS for ALL” slogan lately introduced, managed to grab the imaginations of non Muslim counterparts. I can’t imagine the whole lot of a MIC branch in Sungei Siput joined the PAS Supporters Club. I shake in disbelieve when I was told that an Indian group in Saujana Kuala Selangor organized a ceramah with Dato’ Nik Aziz was the guest of honor to deliver his speech weeks before Parliament was dissolved. My mailbox was congested with pictures of the events.

No one out there expect the present new scenario to take place years ago. No one.

With a government in waiting to be lead by mercurial and charismatic Anwar Ibrahim, no one within the BR fold make any mistake even a slip of the tongue. We cannot depend solely on Anwar charisma. We need to join forces. Value the voice of Rakyat. Anwar alone, Nik Aziz alone, Lim Kit Siang alone will not be able to do it. It’s all of you, which we have voted in to manage the ongoing success.
To all our BR leaders, please remember, put in your mind that we Malaysian did not vote for PKR, DAP, PAS, MDP, or PSM. We voted for Barisan Rakyat – people based government. The screen is wide, the picture is big too. The mindset? Think of it by yourself.
The racial based politic is over. MCA is almost dead. MIC is almost dead. Gerakan is toying around the graveyard. UMNO is living on borrowed times. The Malaysian political landscape is changed! The Rakyat is now the boss!.

That’s my two cents

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