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There is actually no argument at all should one takes a gaze at the new line of state exco members in Selangor. The ruling parties currently in control of the state’s administration do walk their talk of taking into consideration the rakyat’s requirements with regards to an effective management in respect of the perceived needs of the subjects within the referred- territory .
The inclusion of a portfolio that deals with illegal factories, it may jolt one’s sensibility that the authorities include such a department within their multifaceted supervision. Could, not recall, other states: having that particular operating office- if ever. Quaintly, it goes to show how insidious was the previous administration. How, was it, that, illegal factories, be allowed to flourish without actions, ever being taken? Jaded questions: all, the more, pointing to unabated graft and corruption, being, perpetrated at nearly all levels within the entire gamut. Little Napoleons notwithstanding there must be the, all empowering political patronage in the background. Bee End’s rogues- no doubt about it.
Are, there really, decent people inside the behemoth or any decency left: some semblance perhaps but already- gone.
Considering that the newly sworn in government aims to move these factories to more suitable locations (within the ambits of the by laws-quite of course) bears testimony that they are sensitive to the surroundings along with the needs of the business community inside the state.
Since the state has a university of its own, the inclusions of the portfolios: science technology and innovation, education and higher education, research and development and human resource development somehow could, be effectively- connected. In order, to realize a comprehensive type of action plan that could, be tied, in together, especially on issues concerning education and training particularly for the young, within the region. It is only- AUKU that remains- the evil phantom- lurking, in the background but seriously, emasculated as of now from the menacing specter it was before. For sure, the current administration, would not, tolerate such pernicious apparatus, that was, devilishly utilized, by the previous government. The Federal leaders would of course try as they may to make the Act- even though weakened, wreaked the little bit of havoc albeit as destructive as possible. However, it remains, to, be seen if AUKU would still be tolerated as the encompassing management philosophy in the territory has all but remained the way it was before.
Caring government, poverty, welfare and plantation workers are really quite self- explanatory if their work scope, were to, be scrutinized. The addition of these portfolios using the literal meanings of the terms very much goes to show how serious the new chiefs are about tackling these overly serious cum urgent issues in their dominions. Never before, any government gave that much emphasis on such tenuous points in question. Subjects: that were, attended to, whence need be and not go out of hand by the Bee End leadership before. The rest of the portfolios if viewed from the summary expounded above, substantially supplemented the ones before resulting in a concise and comprehensive management plan that, can be said to cover most of the crucial areas that need be dealt with especially by a determined albeit fledgling administration. Howsoever with, the newly spirit of camaraderie, resourcefulness and incorruptibility there is, no way that the new government would falter. Adding to the fact that the Tan Sri has just proposed, a study, being done to inquire into the numbers of unemployed youths in Bandar Tun Razak and ways in tackling the situation by offering employment, strikes the propitious note should any decent bloke hears of it. Much in contrast to answers given by the Bee End boys and girls, should, the same, situation, persists in their constituency. The likely answer not unlike the numerous times before would be just: they would look into it- period.
Papalados refrains from mentioning gender or race because he finds, those type of considerations irrelevant as it is the new Malaysia and one, should not, judge anyone else, all the more, one’s leaders by questions of demographics but by capableness and qualifications. Qualified they are overly so but capable- being the up most- upright persons they are proved to be- must only be academic. Hidup Barisan Rakyat!

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