By Ibnu Khuzaimah.

WHERE? Where is the boy?? We were last updated he was admitted to study in UNISEL,

A check in Unisel show that he is nowhere to be there!! What is the real fuss behind this?? Was he used as a cheap publicity by the varsiti’s top gun? A close source said that this young mathematic genius was returned to The Education Ministry. If this is for real, the Unisel’s top gun should admit failure.

Meaning, the failure of Malaysian Education Community to address the genius. The failure of the education system itself.

The failure of the government to handle just a small kid.

One Response

  1. Jadi pandai pun susah, jadi bodoh senang aje…

    Banyak macam macam benda halal ramai nak cari benda haram yang menyusahkan…nape ekh..

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