Guess what they talk about???<ins \"TC, jangan hantam gua kuat-kuat.. aa\"

bamboo river Says:
April 5, 2008 at 3:18 pm

KJ : So, TC , nice suit you have on.

TC : Aiya, cheap suit mah, bought off the shelf from Sungai Wang. I am not a rich man mah. Your suit too looks stunning.

KJ : This one ahh? Very cheap mah. Bought from Harrods during my last trip to London. Only 4444 pounds. Cashmere some more. You want I buy for you.

TC : Buy for me ah ? Sorry lah, not my taste and more over that is too much. Cashmere ahhh? No wonder, I thought Cash Mari ?

KJ : TC, what are those papers for?

TC: Oh, this ahh? These are the report and list of matters i need to bring up this coming parliament debate.

KJ : Wahhhh. Already start to work ahhhh?

TC : Sure mah, time is running out .So, where is your papers?

KJ : Ahh. I don’t need papers. In fact all my dealings are paperless.

TC : So, may the best man wins.

KJ : TC, I always wins.

TC : Even Man U also can lose to the underdogs.

One Response

  1. seronok nak buat lawak politik nie….
    aper aper pun siapa tak buat keje pasti akan kalah….

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