Mutiny on the UMNO ship

By Ibnu Khuzaimah

It’s not about UMNO. It’s about who will become the new Premier soon! It’s the exit plan for Dolah to resign with dignity or be dumped.

Auouchhh! This is much more interesting than “George Orwell’s, Animal Farm”.

The kingmaker(s), the political engineers and the barking dogs is at work. The stage is ready for a ‘coup d‘etat’ UMNO style.

Baits were thrown. As takers are afloat, the dogs bark aloud to the smile of the master.

Oh yeah, it’s time, it’s time! Yelled the master. Do it now, don’t argue!

The modus operandi of the coup d’etat UMNO style is creeping slowly but surely.

Mahathir is the real power broker in the mutiny within the sinking UMNO ship.
He played the smart strategist when he reconsiders his support for Najib being the next number one and played his support for the UMNO Gurkha, Ku Li.

The reluctant and tired looking Najib revved like an old car given a new lease of life. In an extra momentum, he was in Kedah, Penang and Johor. Together was Rafidah Aziz. Closed and open door “meet the UMNO sessions” were held in the name of facts finding and gaining supports for Dolah and searching or chasing saboteurs.

Then, came a statement. “No gag rule on UMNO members”. It’s bad for Dolah. Kedah blamed him for the misfortune in the last General Election. Penang is said to support him but the pitching of the orchestra didn’t sound synchronized. More outcomes as Najib made his round.

Johor dropped the bombshell. An exit plan for Dolah. A transition plan is to be designed. Meaning, Dolah has to go! Could we imagine of plan A or plan B? Plan A, resign with dignity or you will be flushed, come December.

If plan A is materialized, the new boy to be his deputy must be Muhyiddin. Hey, man! You forgot the Gurkha! Oh, sorry, Ku Li will die a gurkha unless plan A is a failure. A three cornered fight between Dolah, Najib and Ku Li will give the gurkha an edge. The UMNO delegates could throw their silent support for Ku Li as he looks cleaner than the first two. Should there be any fight for the top post, Ku Li will have a better chance.

This could be the reason behind the status quo – to maintain the quota system.

We forgot about one big and tall handsome guy lurking around the corridors of power. The non- English speaking former MB of Selangor. Not Khir Toyo. He speaks a little. He’s Muhammad ‘Mike Tyson’ Muhammad Taib.

He will be third in rank. He will be given a senior portfolio such as Home Affairs in the new cabinet lead by Najib. Hence, Team Wawasan is revived!
For the record, Najib, Muhammad Taib and Muhyiddin were the ‘Three musketeers’ of the “Team Wawasan”, minus Anwar Ibrahim of PKR. Team Wawasan is revived! Just a wild guess.

The new look team wawasan is complete with Mukhriz as the youth leader, come December. Khir? Is he in the same boat? Is he in the same league? As said earlier, he’s just like a barking dog with ‘setia tag’ hanging on the neck. He will have to think of options other than State Assemblyman for Sungei Besar. The same goes to SIL, with the political demise of his FIL, he has to think of other options. A fulltime bloger may be.

“The transition must happen now. This is to avoid a split in the party,” said old Mahathir at a press conference after delivering an address on the leadership crisis post 12th General Election. He blamed the mainstream media for misreporting the Johor Umno meeting with Abdullah yesterday, claiming that although the state leaders supported their party president, they also wanted the transition to happen now.

At this juncture, UMNO is much more inclined to political adventure rather than listening to the people, the rakyat as transpired in the last general election. Never know if the sinking ship can be afloat and sail in the open sea again.

Right to what one PKR guy Yahya Shaari said. Wait for 13th April 2008. By reading in between the lines of MSM reports, an announcement is made. May I say: ‘Dolah Badawi is resigning’!

One Response

  1. Too concerned about their infighting that they forget ho
    w irrelevant their party is- of now. Still bent upon jaded policies of divide and rule that they diligently studied from their colonial masters before, if would be quite anybody ‘s guess as what fate awaits them. They did in
    dicate prior that technology(internet blogging-mostly) is one of the reasons they suffered such humiliating defeat, apart from other more glaring causes- quite of course. Howsoever, after more than a month of bickering much to nothing remains to be done. Forget about them lah bro, it is just one tactic they craftily deployed in order to deflect from their pitiable circumst
    ances. Biarlah si lunchai terjun dengan labu-labu nya.Biarkan..Biarkan..

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