Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today said he would hand over power to his deputy Najib Abdul Razak when the time is right.

He said that there is still unfinished business to do before he steps down to allow Najib to take over. However, he did not give a time frame as to when this could happen.

Abdullah was speaking to reporters after a closed-door meeting with all BN elected representatives at the Putra World Trade Centre today.

from Malaysia-today

…with all BN elected representatives?
They were definitely not Ketua Bahagian or Ketua Penerangan Bahagian or any kind of grassroots leaders. Look at the four women in the first row of this picture. The first two girls from the left were some of the teenagers who did not seem to know where they were or what they were doing. There were many women, like the woman in the blue blouse, who looked like they were forced to sacrifice their Sunday shopping to attend this gathering. Dear Raja Petra, this gathering was staged. It was a fake. It was not a gathering of 1,000 UMNO grassroots leaders for the purpose of conducting any postmortem.

The bulk of the 1,000 people were just props (actors or extras) — possibly Civil Servants, ordinary UMNO members and Puteri representatives — who were given some pocket money to attend so that they could fill up the seats at the PWTC. They may not even have been UMNO members — the teenaged girls all looked like students. Being an UMNO member let me tell you that bussing people to make the numbers at events is typically UMNO. ..

Or so it might seem. The purpose of the gathering was to conduct a postmortem on the worst electoral performance by UMNO since 1955. But there are only 193 UMNO Divisions yielding 386 Ketua Bahagian and Ketua Penerangan. Who were the remaining 600 plus attendees?

Well, first of all there were very few Ketua Bahagian or UMNO MPs in attendance. Rafidah was not there, Mukhriz was not there. And neither were Tengku Razaleigh and about 170 other Ketua Bahagian. They were all just not there. There were only a handful of Ketua Bahagian like Idris Jusoh, Shahidan Kassim, Tajol Rosli, Mustapa Mohamad, Najib, and a few others.

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One Response

  1. Ibnu Khuzaimah says:

    Muhammad Muhammad Taib menggunakan kuasa mengarah kakitangan KEMAS untuk memenuhi dewan. Jelas pada gambar ini.

    Bermakna sudah ada dua kumpulan dalam UMNO. Kumpulan mahu Abdullah gugur, dan kumpulan yang pertahan Dolah. Ada lagi satu, kumpulan pewaris jawatan PM…

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