Who need an Islamic state?

By Zamlan Arabi

“Debates about the notion of an Islamic State are taking place everywhere, especially in a multi-ethnics, multi-religous and multi-cultural society like Malaysia and Singapore. What is an Islamic State actually meant?. With all the emphasis on wala’ (obedience) in contemporary Islamic movements, how can one ensure an Islamic State does not become just another authoritarian state. The west claimed the sort of Islamization — which has been in practice in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan under the Taliban which is simply tyranny, and has no justification what so ever.

Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad, Member of Parliament for Kuala Selangor was in his elements, answering questions bombarded by fellow audience in an intellectual discourse entitled “Who need an Islamic state?”. In his points of view, he stressed the need to address the question of formative & subatancial issues towards realizing an Islamic state. “A democratic Islamic state which looks after and protects all citizens , breaking through the racial barrier and believes, is what Malaysia need” pointed Dr Dzulkefly.
The panel of speakers includes Malik Imtiaz, Sulaiman Abdullah and Dr Abdelwahab El-Affendi, Author of the book “Who need an Islamic state?”. The event was jointly organized by a London Based Malaysia Think Tank London and Malaysia Muslims Professional Forum.

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