Ronnie – No close proximity, please

In his recent statements, Selangor Local Authority Exco Ronnie Liu said, his team is going down south to learn – facts finding mission of Singapore way administering PBT. No need.

The towns are all the same be it drainage, landscapes etc. We have enough town planners within our fold. We have more than enough enforcement officers in PBT.

The only thing that you need to learn from Singapore without going there is about corruptions in local councils. What you need to do is to eradicate corruptions, malpractices, illogical spending, cronyism and nepotism in local councils.

Re-engineer, re invent, turn-around the administrations. Send them for a week or two high voltage rehabilitation programs and freeze those little napoleons that have been terrorizing the local councils to their benefits.

So again, no need. Otherwise the spin doctors will manipulate that you DAP guys are having close proximity with your godfather PAP. This will only enlights rumours that PAP funded DAP in the LGE.

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