Kerismuddin “Apologises”

by Din Merican

Do you trust this man (picture below) when he says that he regrets the keris incident and now apologies? I know, you will say that this apology is dictated by politics post March 8—and I agree. The Barisan Nasional, in particular UMNO Malay nationalists like Kerismuddin and Khairy Jamaluddin, was rejected by the Malaysian voters. If not for the postal votes, fancy tricks of the Elections Commission headed by Rashid Rahman and vote buying antics of the cash rich Barisan Nasional, Malaysia would be under the Pakatan Rakyat government today. And Kerismuddin would probably have retired or just be an ordinary Member of Parliament if he were elected.

In my opinion, Kerismuddin is making a tactical retreat because it is politically expedient for him to express remorse or swallow the bitter pill, so to speak. Imagine what he would have done if the Barisan Nasional had won resoundingly in 2008, as it did in 2004. My guess is that he would be wearing the keris under his coat with arrogance as he heads to his Ministry every morning. UMNO arrogance will be on display again.

Unfortunately, like the rest in Barisan Nasional including our Prime Minister, Kerismuddin totally ignored the signals which our Special Branch and Military Intelligence had given to them of an impending political tsunami. In stead, he and Khairy Jamaluddin were talking “sifar pembangkang” (zero opposition). As if in defiance, Malaysian voters sent 82 Pakatan Rakyat candidates to the 13th Parliament, which opens on April 28, 2008.

If he is serious about his apology and wants to show remorse, then Kerismuddin should resign as Minister of Education whose portfolio is in mess, Member of Parliament and senior UMNO party member and retire quietly from politics. In addition, he should do at least a week’s community service, wearing a vest with the words “I am sorry” printed on its back. Otherwise, this apology is meaningless.

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