Another ‘Clever’ Menteri Identified

Alamak, what a stupid remarks!

What is so wrong if opposition MPs voted for Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar as Deputy speaker? It’s purely an intelligent democracy by the 17 opposition MPs. Purely stupid to relate this with anybody (read as Anwar) or making an assumption that the support for Anwar to be the next premier is eroded.

The MPs were merely teaching you and your lots a lesson on what is a standard 6 democracy all about. Appointing a Deputy Speaker is no different to raising hands to vote for an assistant monitor in a class.

Furthermore, Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, MP for Santubong is a well respected figure amongst both sides. A lawyer by profession, he has been in the house longer than others.

Shabery Cheek is another Menteri yang tak cerdik in Barisan Nasional was turning this healthy democratic process into a stupid political mileage. Pakatan Rakyat is about democracy whereas UMNO is “U Must Not Object”.

A menteri yang tak cerdik is identified. Right to what Nazri Aziz pointed out weeks ago. Not all menteris are clever and this one Shabeery is meant to be one of them. Read previous report.

One Response

  1. Indeed it is smart democracy. What a drastic change to the democratic thinking of the newly elected MPs. Notwithstanding it may as well be a protest signal to the BA candidate.

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