I cannot see coz my leg is broken, says a blindman

“I cannot see because my leg is broken” – L.O.L (laugh out loud)


“The biggest issue in Selangor is public transportation which renders it a must for everyone to own a car. Almost all the households in Selangor have a car, you can see low-cost houses with two or three cars (parked outside) because there is no efficient public transportation system. (It is) something that I have been fighting to get for a long time”. – Excerpt from Malaysiakini

Surau and temple demolitions are not. His arrogant is not. Bulldozing squatters is not. Changing of candidates in the last minutes is not. Changing his facial texture is not. His outocratic administrations style is not. Putting all the jawas in top govt post is not. Scolding people in the public is not. He barred Nik Aziz from entering Selangor is not. His manipulation on all projects is not. His croynism is not. Nepotism is not.

The biggest reason is public transport!
Can a blindman say, “I cannot see because my leg is broken?!
OMG, this young man is begging for the last supper!

One Response

  1. Harus diambil iktibar, sesiapa pun pemimpin BN ke, BA ke, jika membelakangkan Kuasa Penciptanya dan lupa kepada rakyat yang meletakkan dia di tampuk kuasa, tunggulah bencana angkara sendiri.

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