Dear Ronnie, .. reposting

18th of May 2008

Saudara Ronnie,
Your appointment as EXCO member in charge of Local Councils is timely. Congratulations.

A have read a piece from the Star Metro regarding appointments of Local Councils Board members.

It is sad to learn that you made a blatant generalization on states assemblymen and local politicians.

ASSEMBLYMEN and politically-appointed local councilors will no longer be allowed to sit on the tender boards of the various local councils in Selangor. State Local Government Committee chairman Ronnie Liu said this was to free local authorities from the element of corruption.

My say: Oucchhh, this guy is generalizing and equalizing us with Be Enders! I should charge you in court for misleading accusations! How can you disrepute your own peers?

Your say: In the past, he said that there were all sorts of allegations from the public that elected representatives strongly influenced decisions on the awarding of contracts.
“State assemblymen from the ruling government used to sit on the tender boards and we cannot allow this to go on, to ensure there is good governance of the local councils,” he said.

My say: Woooah, you all are Asshole or Assemblymen?. Ronnie is not walking his talks! Pakatan YBs are not walking the talks?? Ronnie, the ADUN is the calon that spoke on the stage during election campaigns. They spoke about transparency, corruption eradications and so forts… are an asshole or an assemblyman?? Surely not. So why can’t they sit as council member? What about the frontliners which have to fight the marauding BN and UMNO ruckus, shouts and posters being pulled down. We are worst, we are nuts, we will encourage bad practices?

Your say: He added that local politicians who represented various parties would also be left out of the tender boards. Liu said tender boards would comprise local councilors appointed from outside political circles, including professionals and members of non-governmental organizations.

My say: Tell me how many lawyers, accountants, engineers, doctors, PhD holders (with the exceptions of candidates and activists on the frontlines) came forward to fight for a new hope? Most of them are “look and see” professionals with little attitudes to show. No doubts a lot of them voted for us. There are three groups of pros. Firstly, the one works for the establishments. Secondly, the one that works on their own, with business interests in the BN governments. Thirdly, the real pros that works on their own on merit.

For urban areas you can find more professionals in the front lines but for remotes like Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor, Ulu Selangor, Is quite difficult to find one. Yes, they exist but much on the playsafe side.

Your say: “This goes to say that we are not only appointing members of the public into the local councils but also giving them more powers than those appointed from political circles,” he said. Besides these people, Liu said, the council presidents and mayors of the respective councils would chair the tender boards.

My say: You are telling us all the YBs and local politicians are corrupts and not fit to sit on the boards. You are taking away our self esteem. What about those, that worked hard days and nights doing all the good things to ensure a new hope will just become a nasi tambah. The Be Enders will smile and tease PKR guys. If I am one, I rather pack my fishing rods and binocular and go bird watching. Let the “playsafers” do the jobs.

Your say: “These people will have a very heavy responsibility on their shoulders and I am confident they will deliver,” he said.

My say: How sure? Old habits die hard. Have you created a mechanism to change their attitudes? From my observations, the council’s presidents are heavily golfing with old cronies. Other big obstacles are “little napoleons” in the departments. They the culprits. They can be technicians, account officers, development officers, clerks and peons!.

Lastly, I would like to say here, “it’s not about who, but it’s about how?
Reengineering of the human resources is prime important. Selangor is the only state government with a PBT Training Institute. You should make full use of this facility to re-tune PBT staff. The newly appointed board members will have to go too.

A three month full course may be. At the same time allow them opportunity for advancements. A professor from UNISEL shared my idea of giving a credit transfer for those attended an initial 3 month course in PBT Institute to pursue a diploma in the university. related articles

Salam Reformasi.

Reformasi Life members Club.

3 Responses

  1. Sdr editor. I wonder if YB Ronnie knew of what his portfolio entailed. He should first undergo an intensive discourse on comradeship, teamwork and political struggle. His attitude, if unchecked, will create disrepute and anarchy in the BA coalition. Then he should understand the Athinahappan Report on Local Government 1970 and the Local Government Act 1976. Local authority is the 3rd tier government which before 1970 had election to appoint the councillors.

    Board Of Directors
    YBhg Dato’ Haji Abd. Karim Bin Munisar

    Chief Executive Officer
    Tuan Haji Abdul Rahman bin Hj. Siraj

    Executive Director
    Mr. Lim Chee Meng
    I think the time has come to kick these donkeys out, all these gravy trains have to stop. to the reformasi movement try doing something for a change and open your eyes, we dont need these kind of intricate corruption, go and google kumpulan peransang selangor, taliworks, kumpulan darul ehsan, TRUPADU, GRAND SAGA, ALL interconnected, get rid of the umno scum. how can a major state company sue a representative of the state govt from doing his job. MB KHALID ANY ANSWERS, YOU BETTER CLEAN UP THIS MESS.

  3. My Dear Ronnie,

    How sure are you that these professional are not the Bee End Comrades..??

    How sure are you that .. these so called Professional will carry the aspiration of PR Manifesto.??

    In politic those selected by the people and those work work and support the campaign must be given certain recognitions…. and appointing these people in the BOARD in one of them..

    I am sure the POLITICIANS from PR will be sincerely servicing their contituancies..

    Even though most of the PR supporter did not expect any rewards for their contribution …but certainly it is not wrong to give due recognition..

    Rather that you give the powers.. to the some professionals who is actually very professional in “cari makan ” from both camp…..

    The important thing is that..

    Elected PR leaders / supporter/local politicians in the BOARD must be professional in discharging their duties…. A non graduate can also be very professional in doing their job. I agree with the proposition to re engineer the PBT setup in order to make them realize the new aspirations. Thanks

    Do think about it…..

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