How to radicalise our universities – another strong account by Azly Rahman

By Azly Rahman

My parents only managed to complete Darjah Tiga/ Standard Three of their education. Poverty and the nature of ‘human capital revolution’ during the 1940s did not afford them the luxury of being in an ivory tower.

One became a taxi driver and the other a factory worker in Singapore assembling microchips for a German multinational corporation. They would leave for work at four in the morning and come home at seven at night. That was the story of their lives. I am sure they had the dream of entering a place called the university.

They spent their time -hard times- that took toll on their personal lives, raising their children to enter the university. Click to read more..

About Dr. Azly Rahman :

He holds a Doctorate in International Education Development, dissertation on Cybernetics and Social Change – “Hegemony and Utopianism in a Southeast Asian State — (Columbia University, New York), Masters in International Education, specialization in Peace Studies, essay on Hegemony and Spaces of Knowledge and Power (Columbia University, New York City), Masters in Communication (Columbia University, New York City), Masters in Education, specializing in Curriculum and Instruction (Ohio University), Masters in International Affairs, specializing in Politics of Southeast Asia (Ohio University), Bachelors of Science in Education, specializing in English Literature, Teaching and Education (Ohio University). Certificates in Multicultural Education, Teaching and Learning in Technology, Social Studies, Educational Leadership/Supervisor/Principalship. Member: Kappa Delta Phi International Honor Society in Education Columbia University Chapter, International Understanding Honor Society Ohio University Chapter, Member of Spring 2007 Oxford Round Table on Diversity in Society. Dr Azly has written more than 180 published analyses on Malaysia. Taught more than 40 courses in a variety of fields.

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