Umnoism creeps into PKR

The 8th of March 2008 was a date that I embrace with joy and happiness. It has been an emotional roller coaster ride for us , where we were downgraded with insults for 10 years. We perserveer and toughen ourselves down the years. Ninety days after the so called “Tsunami”, not only the BN were going haywire, mind you, so do PKR. This is a story I reckon will be remember for the wrong reason. As much as some UMNO members love their party, so does some Keadilan member love PKR.

In any party, the power to deal with party matters and members is bestowed to the office bearers in their Divisions (Bahagian).Is written in the so called Perlembagaan Parti. What I am going to tell you as a party member of PKR is a true example of “UMNOISM” creeping into PKR. No pun intended, my knowledge of UMNO organization from my friends was not much dirtier than what I am going to tell u. READ MORE

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