PAS’ faith wavering in face of Umno’s money

A letter by One Malaysia

Jul 31, 08 5:02pm

I refer to the Malaysiakini report, Najib: Take Umno-PAS merger step by step.

We know that Umno is trying to convince PAS to join them under the pretext of Malay interest and Islam. But really, Umno is not interested in both.

When Umno itself does not practice Islam but only in outward rituals, can you expect a crab to walk straight? All the nonsense filling the media is just indicative of Umno’s hypocrisy.

Umno is not interested in ordinary Malays but its own Malay cronies and elites. Unfortunately, some gullible PAS people took the bait. In reality, only half-past-six PAS leaders who aren’t going anywhere politically and are covetous of wealth and power, would snap at Umno’s bait.

Remember, these PAS people are also Malays and their faith is wavering in the face of all that ringgit. When the money dangles, only the genuine can resist. So what to do now? MCA should ditch BN. As for PAS, fire all your leaders who talk to the devils and stick with PKR.

And if you are a true Muslim, you are not going to be able to establish Islam in Malaysia by pursuing your tendency for a Taliban-like approach.

Take the Quranic verse “There is no compulsion in religion” literally. Don’t try to force Islamic values on others (Muslims and non-Muslims alike). I am a Malay and Muslim but I’m a bit skeptical of PAS’ approach though I do aspire for an Islamic nation where justice and equality irrespective of race, religion or creed exists.

I want the people in power to serve the rakyat and not themselves. I want openness and ability to criticise.

It is understandable that DAP is fearful of an Islamic state and has been resisting that. But take that as a failure of communication between PAS and DAP and in wanting to implement things which the people are not ready to accept.

I, as a Muslim, would like to have hudud laws. Then we won’t have plenty of corruption. Let’s make the hudud applicable to Muslims only. As a Muslim, if I steal (for no dire reasons like hunger), I must be prepared to get my hands chopped off.

Likewise, I shall claim protection under the same law if Ahmad (a Muslim) robs me, he gets the chop too just as in the case of Ah Chong or Ramasamy (non-Muslims) if they rob me. They too get the chop.

So, as a Muslim, I can live in peace because nobody dares to touch my belongings. Only criminals should be concerned about all this. The majority of us earn our daily bread honestly so this hudud ruling is of no consequence. But it is a big insurance for our safety and peace.

Imagine if Kassim (a Muslim) were to rob a non-Muslim, he gets the chop. It will boil down to non-Muslim communities being protected too as no Muslim will dare to touch their belongings. Isn’t that heaven?

If a non-Muslim robs another non-Muslim however, then you fall back onto the current provisions in the civil law. If we have this simple hudud law introduced, we will see a lot of crimes disappearing and we don’t have to put up ugly steel barricades in our homes and business premises.

Some Malays have an animosity against DAP because of DAP prevented the Malays from having what they want- a true Islamic environment. Many Malays (except those in Umno) are not too concerned about material wealth but rather in spiritual wealth in being able to live the good Islamic way.

Many of us Malays, however, do not want a Taliban-style Islam. PAS should stop those irritating pursuits against dresses, high heels and lipsticks because that shows Taliban-like tendencies.

Look around for we have better things to pursue. Malaysia is fast sinking in a sea of crime and corruption. The rakyat has no freedom of expression and we are being treated like idiots across the board. Investors are running away.

Malays, Chinese and Indians alike will all suffer when Malaysia goes under. Get real. God has allowed us to follow the faith of our choice. If you think your religion is better, be a model of that religion. People will then take notice and adopt your ways.

If the Malays practice Islam truly, we will not have any Malay drug addicts, Malay criminals or Malay prostitutes. The Malays are supposedly blessed with the true religion and they owe it to others to lead the way.

Unfortunately, the Malays are not getting anywhere because they don’t practice Islam truly. Many Malays are worshiping the ringgit and not Allah. That’s the crux of the problem. And being a ‘Tuan Melayu’ will not solve anything. Ends

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